6:00 PM
Telescope viewing.

6:30 PM
Audrey Fischer will led a light pollution discussion and update on the Chicago (unfortunately-not-so-) Smart Lighting Project before the official 7PM start of the CAS meeting.
7:00 PM
CAS Meeting began

Eric Coles: "I Am Not An Astronomer-I just take pretty pictures of the sky."
A research biochemist, Eric discussed his evolution as an astrophotogapher.

Zachary Hafen: "Raising Virtual Galaxies and Their Sisters"
Thanks to modern supercomputers and astronomy, we can finally create and grow entire galaxies of our own.  Zach walked us through the process of raising a good virtual galaxy, starting with an introduction to simulations as used in science. With the fundamentals prepared, he moved on to the ingredients of a good galaxy. Finally, he introduced us to the big sister of galaxies, the Circumgalactic Medium, one of the most-important yet most-mysterious components of the entire universe.
Zachary is a third year Astrophysics PhD student at Northwestern University, studying supercomputer simulations of galaxies under the mentorship of Claude-André Faucher-Gigučre.

00 Meeting ended and we departed for Connie’s.

(Thank you to Anthony Harris for the images below)
Adler visitors viewed Venus

Zach lectures