Friday, Nov 11 Meeting
Chicago Astronomical Society

In Awe of the Northern Lights
Josť Francisco Salgado, PhD
Astronomer and Visual Artist

The pre-meeting outdoor observing had to be canceled because of windy & cloudy weather.

Audrey Fischer supplied candies for the group.

Prior to the meeting, Audrey gave an impassioned update about the latest news
regarding the Chicago Smart Lighting plan.  She feels we all should get involved
to make Chicago a night-sky-friendly city.

Jose Francisco Salgado, PhD, an astronomer and visual artist & friend to the CAS
who has spoken to us before, made in incredible presentation about the
Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights), what they are and how we see them.
He used some of his own incredible images and treated us to a preview of his new
music video presentation which he will soon show accompanied by a live orchestra.
He will soon be leading Aurora trips to Canada.  Jose Francisco has two web sites

After the presentation Jose Francisco enjoyed some of Audrey's candies,
and then we all went to Connie's Pizza, 2373 S. Archer Ave. where we held
a meet, greet, and talk over pizza and drinks.