The Chicago Astronomical Society
Meeting October 14, 2016

"Kepler's Other Planetary Systems" 
Johannes Kepler is famous for making sense of the timing of our Solar System's spheres.  Now a NASA telescope named for him has surveyed thousands of planetary systems, and it has discovered lots of amazing systems that are teaching us how planets form and evolve.  Professor Daniel Fabrycky showed off some of those systems and explained the recent theories and calculations that they have inspired. 

Professor Daniel Fabrycky is a Chicago-area native, raised in Arlington Heights.  He obtained his bachelor's of science at the California Institute of Technology and PhD at Princeton University.  He has been researching planets orbiting other stars for 10 years, studying the migration of planets and how transit timing systems defines planetary system architectures.  He has been honored with the Michelson and Hubble Fellowships, sponsored by NASA, to pursue postdoctoral research, and the Sloan Fellowship in Physics as a young faculty member.

Dan and three of his children.