The Chicago Astronomical Society
Meeting September 9, 2016

The meeting was held at The Cernan Space Center, a public planetarium at Triton College.
It is named for astronaut 
Eugene Cernan, who flew aboard the Gemini 9 and Apollo 10
missions and, as commander of Apollo 17, was the last astronaut to leave his footprints on the moon

The evening began with a sky show in Cernan's Sky Dome Theater
using the latest state-of-the-art system, a
44-foot-diameter screen equipped with a Spitz 512 star
projector, a laser projection system, a three-screen video projection system, a sound system
consisting of an array of JBL speakers and 16-channel mixer, a C-360 35mm film projector,
and numerous slide and special effects projectors

Next was a presentation called "Planets in the Solar System and Beyond"
Dr. Andrew Johnston, Vice President for Astronomy and Collections at the Adler Planetarium,
alked about planetary science, including work done at the Adler and updates about exoplanets.

Then Dave Fuller gave an engaging preview of the upcoming night sky for the month of September.

Andrew and Audrey shared a commemorative cake for the occasion.

Everyone had a pizza feast.

Let them eat cake---also.

Let's give a heartfelt thank you to Cernan Director Kris McCall and her staff
who, at the last minute, set everything up to accommodate our last-minute
relocation from our usual location.  They worked extremely hard to make it a
wonderful event, and we will be forever grateful.