The September 2015 Meeting
of the Chicago Astronomical Society
was held at Northwestern University's
Dearborn Observatory in Evanston.

In the observatory the 18-inch Alvan Clark refractor
telescope has had a long history with the CAS.  To view
that history, click here.

Professor David Meyer honored 45 attendees with a lecture,
"Exploring the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope."
Dr. Meyer is a distinguished Professor of Physics and
Astronomy and the Director of the Dearborn Observatory.
A biography and a listing of "Great Courses" he has produced
can be viewed here.

Pizza was served prior to the lecture.  The attendees had a
viewing session with the telescope.  Though it was partly cloudy
attendees were able to get glimpses of Neptune.  Afterward,
a special cake was presented in honor of Dr. Meyer.  All-in-all
it was an informative and enjoyable evening.