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The next general meeting of the Chicago Astronomical Society
will be held at the
Cernan Earth and Space Center,
1701 Fifth Ave, River Grove, IL
Saturday, February 17,
beginning at 7:00 PM.

Our guest lecturer will be
Mark Wagner
speaking on the topic:
Practical advice on seeing and photographing the
April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse
Mark’s lecture will feature observing techniques, photographic techniques, timing, and the location of observing sites on the path of totality.
Safety while observing the sun and the eclipse will be outlined and detailed.
In order to make a successful eclipse trip, preparations for the trip will be of the utmost importance and logistics, supplies, and expectations with alternate plans must be thought out before the eclipse. Equally important will be the return trip home and how to deal with and avoid a 15-hour traffic jam. Mark will also cover background information on eclipses, how they differ, why they occur and when.

Mark Wagner
Mark Wagner is a lifelong amateur astronomer, past member of the Palos Observatory, Racine Observatory and CAS. He is the current president of the Fox Valley Astronomical Association. He has expertise in solar observing, planetary imaging, observing and imaging of deep sky objects. Mark has made his own telescopes including the grinding, polishing, and figuring of the optics. Mark grew up in the Chicago area so combating light pollution is a lifetime endeavor. For decades he has engaged in public outreach with star parties and lectures.
After the meeting there will be pizza and soft drinks with time to talk with the lecturer and friends.
If the weather permits telescopes will be set up for viewing the moon and Jupiter starting at 6:00PM.

With this meeting the CAS resumes its schedule of a meeting per month.

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