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Please note date change, two weeks later than normal.
Next meeting 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm May 25, 2018
at the Adler Planetarium. Enter south doors.

The speaker will be Joe DalSanto.
Joe DalSanto has been an avid amateur astronomer for over 40 years. He built an award-winning telescope and has observed thousands of deep-sky objects (including the Herschel 400) with numerous other ones. After a corporate career, Joe pursued his master’s degree in astronomy in order to teach astronomy at the college level, starting at Waubonsee Community College in 2004 (where he refurbished and operated the Observatory’s 16” Newtonian) and at College of DuPage since 2012. Besides teaching planetary and astrophysics courses, he developed and teaches a new undergraduate observational astronomy course at COD.

The lecture will be “The History of Spaceflight” and it will trace the historic advances in our exploration of space. America’s manned Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs were succeeded by the Space Shuttle and International Space Station and we look forward to returning to the moon and eventually Mars. Our unmanned probes (Viking, Voyager, Galileo, Cassini, etc.) have revealed our solar system in incredible detail, transforming them into familiar worlds. This overview of spaceflight provides a “cosmic perspective” to our journeys – so far.


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