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Date Change for February Meeting.
7:00pm Friday, Feb 16, 2018 (third Friday of month).
At the Adler Planetarium (enter south doors, street level).

We have two speakers.

The Eclipse, Seven Russians, and the 4565 mile Road Trip!
Dean Ketelsen
The "Great" solar eclipse last August, bisecting the United States, is a once-in-a-lifetime event for amateur astronomers and not to be missed!  However, sometime life interferes and while I SHOULD have been making reservations and itineraries, I was assisting my wife to her chemo sessions, and eventually, planning her memorial service.  I found myself 2 months before the event with 7 Russians joining me from halfway around the world, depending on me to have plans, as I started from scratch.  But sometimes Dr. Murphy smiles and somehow it all came together.  I'm telling the story of how 24 (!) of us ended up on the lawn of a woman and her 2 granddaughters in Shoshoni, Wyoming, by her admission "changing their lives" and ours as well.
Dean Ketelsen grew to love the sky growing up on an Iowa farm.  A voracious reader and encouraged by his attendance in a 1-room schoolhouse in grade school, he went on for an undergraduate degree in astronomy at the University of Iowa.  After a stint as a grant-funded astronomer measuring radial velocities at Iowa State University, then a technician at Kitt Peak National Observatory, he has worked in astronomical optics at the University of Arizona since 1984, now retired part-time to the Fox River Valley near St Charles.


The development of large scale structure from the cosmic web to galaxies.

Alex Gurvich
What is the universe’s baby picture? Is space really empty? Where do galaxies come from? What is the largest object in the universe? Does the universe look more like meatballs in a soup, Swiss cheese, or a sponge? Most importantly, how do we know? Together we will journey through evolution of the universe from the big bang to present day, unraveling the questions that keep me up at night. 

Alex is a 2nd year PhD student at Northwestern university using computer simulations to learn how galaxies form and evolve. When he’s not staring at a terminal he spends his time organizing for the Chicago chapter of Astronomy on Tap and volunteering in the space visualization lab at the Adler Planetarium

The Jan 12 meeting was held at the Adler Panetarium.
Dave Fuller ("Eyes on the Sky"), CAS member, gave a brief talk about what will be
visible in the night sky this month.

Drew Carhart
, our guest speaker, gave a brief update regarding light pollution
and an hour lecture and power point on meteorites.
"Meteorites: Astronomy in the Laboratory"

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