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The September meeting of the CAS will be on the 18th at the Cernan Earth and Space Center on the campus of Triton College in River Grove, IL at 7:00 PM.
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There will be pizza and telescope viewing after the meeting. The moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be viewed with telescopes weather permitting. There will be a both lecture and a workshop.

Our Guest Lecturer: Dr. Mark Christensen
Dr. Christensen was born in Detroit in 1947 and spent the first 23 years of his life there, joining the Detroit Astronomical Society in 1963 and later, along with a group of like-minded 'Young Turks' more interested in astrophotography and variable star observing than anything else, formed the notorious Detroit Observational and Astro-Photographic Association (DOAA). Gaining his BS in Physics and Mathematics at Wayne State University in 1969 he journeyed to Purdue, where he obtained is Masters in (Experimental) Physics in 1970. He returned to Wayne State in 1970 and completed his Doctorate in Mathematics in 1975. Upon graduating from Wayne state he joined the faculty of the School of Mathematics of the Georgia Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor. While in Atlanta he was a member of the Atlanta Astronomy Club (AAC) and served as the President for two years and then became the Chairman of the Observatory Construction Committee, which constructed the AACs first observatory in Villa Rica, Georgia. He left Georgia Tech as an Associate Professor in 1984 and joined the technical staff of Northrop Corporation at their Rolling Meadows, Illinois facility. He worked in software and electronic systems there for 14 years, finishing as the Vice President of Engineering before retiring from the then Northrop - Grumman Corporation. While working at Northrop he spent very little time on astronomy but he was able to leverage his knowledge of optics while working on programs in the electro-optical domain. After leaving Northrop he joined the consulting staff of the Institute for Defense Analyses in Alexandria, VA in 2000 and supported the field testing of multiple avionics programs. This gave him the opportunity to travel to dark, clear sites in the western deserts of the United States. It also provided him with the time to become more active in his favorite pursuit - astronomy. He fully retired in 2010 and still resides in St. Charles, IL where his spouse Arlene and he moved in 1984 when they returned to the Midwest. He has served as an officer of the Northwest Suburban Astronomers and the Fox Valley Astronomical Society, where he is currently serving as VP of Observing.

Lecture Description:
The origins of the Earth-Moon system today are, at best, only approximately understood. While we have a reasonably clear idea about how the surface of the moon evolved under a series of asteroid bombardments once the bodies of the Earth and its satellite formed, there are multiple, very different, theories for how the two bodies initially formed. In this talk the current state of our knowledge about the initial formation of the Earth and Moon will be reviewed and some historical cautionary tales offered up about the risks of establishing theories based one or two phenomena or physical properties.

Jose Morales will have another workshop on Urban Astrophotograpy Tips and Techniques. He will discuss imaging techniques for urban astrophotographers, focusing on solar system objects. Joe will have recent images of Mars from its 2018 opposition.

Jose Morales
Jose Morales is a NASA solar system ambassador and telescope facilitator for the Adler Planetarium.


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