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CAS Director At Large Dan Joyce is a master optician. When he is not doing his duties at the Cernan Space Center or observing the night skies, he can be found at his optical shop grinding superb telescope mirrors or holding mirror-making classes.  His shop is at 9701 Grand Ave. (under the lawyer's office) in Franklin Park.  Students have finished up to 23" optics.  There is a graduated fee for both size and design.  Times vary (Right now Wed & Thu 7:30 pm and Sat at 1:30 pm.) Call Dan Joyce at (773) 580-2480 any day after 10:00 am.  He is fondly nicknamed "Jedi Dan."

Posted January 10, 2015

Two new prominently-named asteroids now grace our solar system:

Posted Oct 1, 2013
From Don Parker:
I have attached some RGB and CH4 Jupiter images from 26 September.


Posted Sep. 17, 2013
From Don Parker:
I have attached some RGB and CH4 Jupiter images from 14 September.
The small reddish spot following Oval BA appears to have divided into north and south components
with a possible bridge extending from the south component into BA. This oval is not bright in methane.


Posted January 2013

  1. (203602) Danjoyce = 2002 ED
         Discovered 2002 Mar. 4 by B. L. Stevens at Desert Moon Observatory,
    Las Cruces.
         Daniel P. Joyce (b. 1948) is a precision mirror maker and astronomy
    enthusiast, who is always willing to share his vast knowledge of the night sky
    with the public.  He has been president of the Chicago Astronomical Society
    seven times.
    Note: Bert Stevens with his wife Janet is a co-director of  the
    Desert Moon Observatory,
    He is a past President of the Chicago Astronomical Society and
    has named other minor planet discoveries after past members John Jones,
    Dan Troiani and Mike Barrett.