Astro Images
by CAS Members

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Flaming Star Nebula
by Gary Zientara

Zientra, Flaming Star Nebula

Running Man Nebula
by Gary Zientara

Owl Star Cluster, with artistic license
by Gary Zientara

Gum 84/85
taken by CAS member, Gary Zientara

2018 Solar Eclipse
Taken by Miro Ledajaks

Afternoon Blue Sky Reflecting Off
Waxing First Quarter Moon
Feb. 13, 2016
Taken by Gary Zientara at Mount Sangre Observatory, Angel Fire, NM
Meade 14" LX600 reflecting telescope & Sony 700A DSLR camera

Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015
Two images mid eclipse by Gary Zientara, Angel Fire, NM

Images of early eclipse over Chicago by Bob Gadbois


Astro-Images by Gary Zientara
CAS member Gary lives in Angel Fire, NM, and shot these images using
4" ED Celestron Refractor on CG5 mount and Sony A700 DSLR camera
30 seconds at ISO 5000.

Astro-Images by Andy Spencer
Andy is an inner-city Chicago astro-photographer who demonstrates through
his work what can be done even with the oppressive light pollution of the city.
A full gallery of his work can be found at

M22 Globular Cluster, 9/5/13

Orion Nebula, 12/1/13

Mars (Photo vs Simulation), 5/25/14

Saturn, 7/9/14

Moon (Waning Gibbous, High-ReZ), 10/4/14

Partial Solar Eclipse, 10/23/14

Sun in H-Alpha


, Astro-Images by Jim Shwatal submitted December 16, 2014

Comet Holmes Helix
Sculptor Galaxy Witch's Head
Orion Star Trails Sagittarius Star Trails
Scorpius & Milky Way Zodiacal Light at Dawn
Moon Bow Flame Star & Horse Head Nebula