Chicago Astronomical Society
Society promote the interest in, and advance the knowledge and understanding of
astronomy, the most ancient and the noblest of the physical sciences.
Our Next Meeting Will Be:
Saturday, September 23
7:00 PM
at: the Cernan Earth and Space Center

Speaker: Dr. Joshua Burton
Topic: The James Webb Telescope
Dr. Burton will discuss the recently deployed James Webb Telescope. He will explain its design and will address the following questions: Why was it designed the way it is? What does it do best? How does it complement our current generation of observatories and telescopes?

About Dr. Burton:
Dr. Joshua Burton earned his Phd from UC, Berkeley in 1990. He has published original research work on supersymmetry, particle astrophysics, cosmology, and high energy physics. Since 2016 Dr. Burton has been teaching physics and running the astronomy club at the award-winning local Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy.